Ýowşan Annagurban

I now know what's at stake

I never wanted to leave my country for so long,
if I left, wanted to come back as soon as possible,
if my parents told me when I was a boy,
who wanted to play outside all day.

No part of me wanted to leave the country,
but I wanted to live a bit freely,
didn't want to live as a puppet,
I knew how reduced men and women,
how they start drinking and cheating themselves,
how they die long before while still alive,
now I hear so many people want to,
who are in line to get a foreign passport,
which allows them to cross the border,
since they don't want to come back,
want to help their loved ones to escape,
I never wanted to understand the ones who left,
but now I know how it goes,
and what's at stake.

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