Ýowşan Annagurban

The same allegories

If the state jails you,
for saying a word,
which nobody dared yet,
everybody knows it tortures you,
in its cold prison cell,
where there is no heating at all,
in summer they'll make you
to suffer as if in hell...

If the state accuses you,
for not being like other slaves,
who wait until somebody else breaks the silence,
everybody knows you might be crushed there,
or, if Allah protects, may escape as a broken man,
after admitting all of your undone crimes,
it'll be fine for all others,
as it was said there is a party every day for the honourless,
some will laugh behind your back enjoying it,
some pretend to be sorry, trying to be nice,
if they meet you on the street sometimes.

If the state finds you guilty,
if you repent sincerely,
condemn yourself in front of the camera,
which might be shown any time on TV,
if you won't keep your word,
as if you were reduced to their level,
as if part of the crowd was defeated without a fight,
there you'll find many people never noticed before,
and never thought they had something to say,
and they tell you that you were so naive,
they tell you that they were thinking of you very highly,
and they were reading all of your published things,
you had a promising future as a poet, as an intellectual,
they tell you that you've broken your wings.

They tell you that you ruined yourself,
they tell the state has easily won,
they tell you that you should do whatever others do,
or the nice times you had might be forever gone.

But they won't know you might defeat the state,
they won't know you were recognized as a human being,
they won't or pretend not to see your stories that tell the people's untold stories,
some will say you remained there, released but incarcerating yourself in your anger,
and the people and their state, both of them will be for you the same allegories.

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