Ýowşan Annagurban

The government of thieves

The government,
hijacked by rotten men,
won’t allow you to say hello, mother,
how're you today, dearest of mine,
the government won’t allow you to say
how're you, sister, dearest of mine,
they won't allow you to say how's it going, father,
how're you, brother, how is your family,
they won’t allow you to say hello, aunt,
who are afraid of talking to you to death,
due to a state of terror that is not hiding,
due to ongoing three-generation check-ups,
where mustn’t be someone like you,
a black sheep in the family,
and the telephone is the worst spy there,
as people believe or think of,
the internet might even be worse than that,
because somewhere, at the end of the line
the government is listening to you,
reading your letters as well,
the big thief is not sleeping,
can't help it,
small ones should be caught,
to be named and shamed on state TV,
the government, hijacked by thieves,
hijack your all people, one by one,
and you can’t say sorry when one leaves.

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