Ýowşan Annagurban

It's not funny

It's not a laughing matter, not at all.
It might seem so funny, but not,
for its prison cells are as hot as hell...

If it doesn't belong to you or your loved ones,
if you look at it from a faraway country,
which is much more developed in comparison,
when an aging narcissist runs an oil-rich land,
who has lost his mind to billions of ill-gotten dollars,
then his hand-picked successor decides to play God,
it might seem so funny, but it's not.

If he is not the only one in that region,
where there are several of them actually,
as you might hear as the post-soviet ones,
including the most notorious one,
with its scary nuclear weapons,
they might kill you whenever they want,
however they want to do it,
if you refuse to be a pencil in their hands,
if you don't want to be oil for their paintings,
if your dream is not to be music to their ears,
I swear to God,
it might seem funny to some extent,
but not.

Prague. 20.05.2021.

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